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Café Menu

The Divas
New Divas join us from time to time. Come in to meet the newest arrivals!

The Divas are ready to perform - to warm you up as a steamy hot chocolate,
to cool you down as a Diva Divine ice cream dessert,
or shake your Diva into a luscious ice cream milk shake
Hot Chocolate Diva - 12oz $4.25 ~ 16oz $4.95
Ice Cream Dessert Diva - 8oz $4.25 ~ pint-to-go $7.00
Milkshake Diva - 160z $5.75



Semi-sweet chocolate swirled with rich creamy caramel
and topped with whipped cream and Ghirardelli Caramel Sauce

This fiery redhead starts with semi-sweet chocolate
infused with chipotle and is topped with whipped cream
and a dusting of cinnamon

Marilyn Monroe
Judy Garland
A bold white chocolate base with a flip of crème de menthe
finished with whipped cream and crumbled Oreo cookies
Milk chocolate with a shot of hazelnut -
covered in whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles
Audrey Hepburn
Liz Taylor
The sophisticated classic - extremely dark hot chocolate
served European style - in a 4 oz. espresso cup
$3.50 single (4 oz) / $6.00 double (8 oz)
The glamour of semi-sweet chocolate infused with
lavender - whipped cream with pistachios add panache
Carmen Miranda
Joan Crawford (or Collins)
A fruity mix of raspberries in dark chocolate
with a whipped cream bonnet
and decorated with dried strawberries and mangos
Don't let the whipped cream and sprinkles fool you -
this semi-sweet chocolate drink contains
a shot of espresso at its heart
Lana Turner
Bette Davis
White chocolate with cardamom, blueberry essence,
and topped with whipped cream and blueberry
Milk chocolate infused with almond syrup, topped with
whipped cream and toasted coconut flakes
Rita Hayworth
Ginger Rogers
Semi-sweet chocolate infused with
clove, orange, and caramel, and topped with
whipped cream and drizzled with caramel syrup
Semi-sweet chocolate infused with ground
ginger and dried wasabi, topped with
whipped cream and a sprinkle of sweet ginger
Eartha Kitt
Doris Day
Smooth and seductive semi-sweet chocolate
with a dash of toffee syrup topped with
whipped cream and toffee bits.
Everybody’s girl next door. A blend of semi-sweet
and milk chocolate topped with whipped cream.
The Golden Girls Diva Sampler $10.00
Lena Horne
Your choice of 3 of any of the Divas
Served in 4 oz. cups
Sultry blend of milk chocolate with cinnamon,
nutmeg, & smoked paprika, topped with whipped cream
& kiss of chocolate syrup
Grace Kelly
Sultry chocolate & caramel with a sprinkle of sea salt
Dessert Marquee

Remember Katherine Hepburn's Sage Advice:
Life is Short, Eat Dessert First!

  Today's Cakes (per slice)
  Molten Lava Cake
  By Michel Patisserie
  Yes, they ARE gluten free!
Coffee, Espresso, & Tea

By The Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company
Organic, Fair Trade Local Micro-Roaster

12 oz Here or ToGo
16 oz Here or ToGo

Café au Lait
Red Eye
Single: $2.00; Double: $2.50
Single: $2.25; Double: $2.75
Hot Tea
$2.00 (please specify 12oz/16oz)
$2.95 / $3.75 (spice, vanilla, or sugar-free)
Belgian Hot Chocolate
12 oz
16 oz
  Your choice of white, milk, semi-sweet, or bittersweet topped with whipped cream  

Cool & Refreshing Drinks

  Iced Coffee (regular/decaf)
  Iced Mocha
  Iced Diva
  Seasonal Iced Tea
  Lavender Lemonade
  Granita Icee*
  Blended ice with syrup flavor
  Root Beer Float
  Italian Soda*
  Soda water with syrup flavor
  Fruit Smoothies*    
  Made with Ice
  Made with Ice Cream
  20° Below White Chocolate
  Java Chip
  Vanilla Latte
  Dulce de Leche
  Chai (16 oz; iced or blended)
  Sugar-free Vanilla
  Bottled Water, Still/Sparkling
  Mike Shakes
  Vanilla or chocolate
  Flavor shot of syrup - $.50
  Diva Mike Shakes
  Bottled Water/Drinks
  * Check to board for current flavors    
Ice Cream-a-licious
  Soft-serve vanilla, chocolate, or swirl
  Soft-serve in waffle cone
  Giffords single scoop
  Giffords double scoop in waffle cone
  Diva Ice Cream Dessert
  Sundae Bar
  Soft serve ice cream with unlimited toppings
  Brownie Sundae
  Aztec Sundae
  Warm brownie or blondie topped with soft serve ice cream, whipped cream, chipotle chocolate sauce, and cinnamon sprinkle

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