Act II: Confections

Rob Kingsbury is an artisan chocolatier who is passionate about creating a beautiful and sumptuous assortment of fine specialty chocolates. His confections are made by hand, daily, in small batches using the freshest ingredients and imported chocolate.

With three generations of chocolate connoisseurs and recipes behind us. we bring you a rich tradition infused with novel innovation.


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Kingsbury Truffles

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  • Amaretto Marzipan - ground almonds & marzipan laced with amaretto
  • Apricot Sour - bourbon soaked apricots with fresh lemon juice, topped with a jeweled apricot
  • Black Forest - tart Montmorency cherries & kirsch
  • Black Russian - vodka & coffee blended with dark chocolate, sprinkled with ground espresso
  • Brie - triple-brie & dark chocolate dropped in a bed of toasted black sesame seeds
  • Butterscotch - creamy butterscotch with a bronze finish
  • Caramel Coffee - honey caramel & coffee, sprinkled with brown sugar
  • Cardamom Blueberry - crème de cassis & cardamom blended into white chocolate, crowned with raspberry
  • Champagne - classic French cognac dusted with gold
  • Chipotle Cinnamon - spicy smoked jalapeño & cinnamon blended into dark chocolate
  • Cosmopolitan - lime & cranberry with a splash of citrus vodka, garnished with candied lime peel
  • English Toffee - buttery toffee chips tossed into a rich milk chocolate
  • Espresso Cup - rich espresso folded into extra bittersweet chocolate
  • French Vanilla Butternut - warm flavors of vanilla & sweet butternut, accented with a pecan
  • Hazelnut Toffee - velvety hazelnut sprinkled with toffee & nuts
  • Irish Crème - creamy whisky flavor rolled into confectioner's sugar
  • Just Milk - pure belgian milk chocolate
  • Just Dark - pure belgian dark chocolate
  • Kir Royale - crème de cassis & champagne, brushed with amethyst
  • Lavender Pistachio - Provence lavender & roasted pistachios crowned with a lavender bud
  • Midnight - Roasted cocoa nibs highlight a blend of bittersweet & semisweet chocolate
  • Mimosa Twist - burst of citrus flavors with a garnish of candied orange peel
  • Mocha - coffee blended with dark chocolate, rolled in Valrhona cocoa powder
  • Orange Brandy Alexander - orange brandy & Irish crème, sprinkled with citrus sugar
  • Passion Fruit - tangy passion fruit puree garnished with mango
  • Peanut Butter - sweet milk chocolate blended with rich chunky peanut butter, topped with a salty peanut
  • Raspberry - raspberry essence & dark chocolate, sprinkled with dried raspberries
  • Tiramisu - which chocolate blended with chocolate liquor and honey & topped with ground espresso
  • Toasted Coconut - coconut ganache sprinkled with more coconut

Kingsbury Chocolate Bars

  Milk Chocolate Fruit & Nut
  Dark Chocolate Nib
  Dark Chocolate Espresso
  Dark Chocolate Shoyu
  Dark Chocolate Chipotle 5-Spice
  Milk Chocolate Cinnamon Almond
  Dark Chocolate Strawberry
  Dark Chocolate Canneberge
  Belgian Milk
  Belgian Dark
  72% Grand Cru
  74% Organic
  Smoked Bacon
  Mint Cookie Crunch
  Garam Masala

Kingsbury Caramels

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  Fleur de sel
  Maple Walnut
  Chocolate Lemon
  Orange clove

Kingsbury Sugar Crèmes

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  Blood Orange
  Passion Fruit

Other Hand-Made Kingsbury Confections

  Vermont Maple Caramel Popcorn
  Cashew Toffee
  Candied Citrus Peel
  Candied Ginger
  Dried Fruit - mango, apple, or pineapple
  Mediterranean Apricots
  Dark Chocolate Bourbon Cherries
  Milk Chocolate Maraschino Cherries
  Dark Chocolate Nonpareils
  Moon Rocks - honey flavored crunchy candy
  Hot Chocolate & Fondue Mix
  Hot Cocoa Mix


Act III: Artwork

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