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Act III: Artwork

Artfully Chocolate is also a gallery for Eric Nelson's artwork. He has dozens of pieces on the walls and he hand-painted the café tables, all of which are for sale. Artfully Chocolate is the only gallery to exclusively feature Eric's work, whose artistic style reflects his temperament - colorful and full of energy.

Painted Works

To create these pieces, Eric applies translucent acrylic paints to a mirrored substrate, creating the impression of light emanating from within the painting. Vibrant colors add vitality and light. These pieces "shine" with energy and the force of color.

Works Using Mosaics

These works take advantage of the many facets of glass tiles to create the illusion of movement. Walking past any of these pieces, the eye is immediately drawn to the movement of light as it reflects from the tiles. Those pieces set in bas relief reflect the light from all angles.


Consider commissioning a piece of art for your home or workplace. Eric’s work can provide an accent or a focal point to complete the décor of a room at home, in the lobby of a building, in your office, or wherever you’d like a unique piece of art. Eric would like to discuss with you your needs and tastes to customize work that suits your particular situation. Pricing depends on size and complexity of subject.

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Act IV: Classes


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